Mission Statement 

Fair Chance Waco exists to educate and advocate for systemic changes to oppression and injustice in the Waco community. We don't approach this as a political or religious issue, but as a moral obligation. Through collaboration and integration with the many agencies and groups throughout our city, we are fighting for a better Waco and a fair chance for all. 


Social Justice

Fair Chance Waco seeks to pursue social change, particularly with and on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed individuals and groups of people. We see this as our responsibility as Christians, as citizens of Waco, and as helping professionals. 

Equal Opportunity

Fair Chance Waco seeks to promote an equal and fair opportunity for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, age, social class, sexual identity, and criminal history. 


Fair Chance Waco seeks to educate the community about systems of oppression and the barriers to self-efficacy and equal opportunity that are created because of these systems. 


Fair Chance Waco seeks to be a voice for those affected by theses systems in our community. We want to empower those affected to participate in the process and bring about change for the community. 

Community Engagement

Fair Chance Waco seeks to encourage the community to be involved in the change process through social action and engagement. This could look like signing a petition, writing a letter to a congressman, changing your hiring practices, attending a community rally or city council meeting, or a wide variety of things. 


Fair Chance Waco wants to transform the community. Our efforts are currently focused on change through our Fair Chance Hiring initiative and promoting equal opportunity for people with criminal records. However, all our initiatives are interrelated and all must change to truly see the community of Waco thrive. As we grow and gain support we will expand our efforts and focus to these other areas. 


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