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As part of our social media campaign, we are encouraging people to wear orange in solidarity on Wednesdays and use the hashtag #StandWithTheOrange to raise awareness. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.

I have seen too many stories of broken lives stymied by the lack of fair chances and banged my head against the wall for too long now to continue in my ignorance. For the sake of my family, friends, neighbors, our nation, our world, I want to know more. I want to experience in the slightest what it might be like to carry a dehumanizing stigma with you everywhere you go. I really have the impression that I have no earthly idea what it is truly like. Thus, this Lenten journey in the uniform of the imprisoned is my small, small part in seeking understanding and solidarity, justice and love.
— Kent McKeever

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Pass Fair Chance Hiring Policy for public and private employment in Waco.

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We are asking Waco business owners to complete a survey regarding their opinions and experiences with Fair Chance Hiring. Please click here to complete the survey.


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